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Steve Fairchild



When asked to describe my creative style by those unfamiliar with my art, I mention bright colors, expressionist influences, whimsical imagery, multi layered, upbeat, blahblah,blah. Since 2012 I have focused on metal fish in the form of wall art, mobiles, and installations.  Regardless of any new project that I am working on, I continually produce paintings with brightly colored imagery of fish, cattle,tulips, or jazz bands and other images, using a primitive off registration spray paint technique.

I started incorporating this painting process in the early seventies, and the first stencil series that I cut, included images of jazz band musicians and dancers. The figures were derived from the rudimentary scenes that were painted on the sides of 1950's pinball machines., and I continue to paint the same figures from that first series.

Over the years, I have cut other stencil groups, such as tulips, fish,and The Big Bun Diner, just to name a few. Aside from being influenced by pinball machine art, my art has been influenced by primitive folk art, old school photographic processes, German expressionism, Pop art, and John Boyd.

As far as shows and exhibits, since 1977, I have had a number of solo shows, and have participated in numerous group exhibitions. Recent projects (2015,2016,2017) include mixed media paintings of space ships, cattle, wooden fish, librarians after dark, model cars, and more metal fish.....

Some of the pieces on this site are available for purchase or commission. Contact me any time,if only to comment about my images that are produced at the world famous Fairco Labs.

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