Mike Miller


Mike Miller



Everything is a machine.
The interface where human-made machines and natural objects intersect is the subject of my currant body of work. 
The singularity that exploded in the Big Bang creating our universe is a machine. 
There does not need to be conflict between human-made and nature-made machines.
Trees are natural machines that absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen. 
When machines are fully examined; there are no mysteries that cannot be understood with enough time and persistence.
A song is a machine constructed to activate the rhythms of life.
As humans get better at building machines the difference between nature-built and human-built machines become less.
Human built machines cause problems, but by solving those problems humans learn to control their own evolution. 
A poem is a human-constructed machine that conveys emotional information.
All human-built machines at their inception are art.
Machines that fix problems will inevitably create new problems, but that’s okay; that’s how evolution works.
The quest to build a sentient machine is a beautiful and glorious thing. 
Bugs do almost everything humans do except create art, and that is debatable. 
The act of imagining something that has never existed and then causing it to be constructed is one of my definitions of art.
Sculpture is a machine that converts an idea into an object.
Humans are the most complex natural machines ever to evolve on Earth.  

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