Joanna Ramondetta


Joanna Ramondetta



I began painting and drawing at a very early age and always knew that I would want to make a career as an artist. Since I began creating art I always had a draw to detail and intricate patterns and designs.

I have always lived in Wichita, Kansas, but have studied in and traveled extensively through Europe which has always been an unending source of inspiration. I attended Wichita State University where I graduated with degrees in painting and art history and also received certificate in the Decorative and Ornamental Painting and Design program.

During my studies and since I have been fascinated with the detail and stylistic forms that were found all throughout the works that evolved from historical periods such as 18th century Europe with French Neoclassical interiors and textiles, Early Renaissance gilt manuscripts, Russian decorative arts of the 19th century, etc….

In my own work, I wanted to explore ways of creating paintings, as well as original designs and objects that were influenced by historical art, but would be integrated into modern living.

Through my love of art history, travel, and interior design, Old World Reflections was born. With it I have tried to bring the beauty and richness of the Old World to art, stationery and accessories that are accessible, and can be enjoyed every day in one’s own home.

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