Weekend Six Pack

Founder of The Labor Party and Software Development Director of Ennovar at Wichita State University, Kenton Hansen (@Kentonh), brings a weekly selection of links and events he believes should be on our radar. Part round-up, part heads-up... look-up, for this week's Weekend Six Pack.

I was handed a postcard this week. It says, and I quote, "Subaru of Wichita presents: Storytelling for the sake of loving our city! Come tell your story and we'll compile it and share it with the masses." The date is listed as tonight, Friday September 30, from 6-9pm. The place is Old Town Square. What does it all mean? I'm not exactly sure, but sometimes I like to bring you an adventure.

If you're not sure what you love about Wichita, you might be interested in this event from the Perceptions Task Force.

Go eat from a sampling of the city's lineup of food trucks at Sedgwick County Park. And, hey, while you're waiting, take a look at the story of Jeff and Rob Schauf and the Flying Stove and the how they brought modern food trucks to Wichita. And hey, while you're interested in Wichita food trucks, the city is looking at updating the regulations that food trucks have to adhere to.

On Saturday, go taste all the best burgers Wichita has to offer at the Fourth Annual ICT Burger Battle. It looks to be an event packed with burgers, beer, competition, and music.

I've seen OKC, Tulsa, Kansas City, Lincoln, Philly, Chicago, and Boston (twice), but I've seen the marathon in Wichita more than ten. It's an amazing feat, and typically the largest sporting event (by total participation) in large cities. They are a celebration of a city; the neighborhoods and people and infrastructure. Maybe it's because I'm closer in perspective, but I've witnessed Wichitans treat our events with apathy or even contempt. Please, next Sunday morning, call some friends, pack a cooler, grab some noisemakers, and line the course. A map can be found here, but I'd encourage you to find a place in Riverside. I can speak from experience, that part of the course is the most difficult, and the least crowded.

Eight months ago, Wichita got a new police chief. At the same time, the nation has turned it's attention to changes needed in the relationship the public servants and those being served. Cheif Ramsay is one of the public servants who made national news for something positive. KMUW broadcast an audio portrait of the Chief.

The outdoor game commonly known as "Cornhole" is nothing new to back yards. A new Wichita company is planning on manufacturing and selling a modular deviation of the game across the US. This week they announced they were moving into Eaton Place.

I've talked about 1 Million Cups in more than half of my posts here. One reason is because I'm an organizer; it's something I do every week. Another reason is that I love to learn about the new products and companies starting in our hometown. Next Wednesday, I'm presenting to talk about where I work, but more exciting, myself and some coworkers are going to do something challenging as part of Accelerating the Heartland. We're going to build a startup in a day. It should be fun, and 1 Million Cups is free and open to the public. Come share an idea, and hear me live.

Errors and Omissions:
For the past month, my purpose has been to bring you news, happenings, and events that might slide under the radar. While I strive for perfection, last week I missed something. It is with my apologies that I wish to share ICT Tells. It looked like an amazing event, and I hope to bring you news of a second very soon.