Weekend Six Pack

Founder of The Labor Party and Software Development Director of Ennovar at Wichita State University, Kenton Hansen (@Kentonh), brings a weekly selection of links and events he believes should be on our radar. Part round-up, part heads-up... look-up, for this week's Weekend Six Pack.

The ship USS Wichita was christened last weekend in Wisconsin, and it turns out they basically just drop those giant boats into the water. The video is worth multiple viewings.

Flying objects are what our city has been known for, but most of those are identified. On Monday morning, a white orb was seen floating to the southeast. However, news of our imminent overlords was quickly dispelled in favor of the truth: the orb belonged to our current overlord, Google. The balloon, which is reported to be the size of a tennis court, is supposed to deliver high-speed internet access to remote areas. The project is called Loon, and is part of the Google-owned research organization called X.

Wichita's Downtown resurgence tells us many things, but one is that a fair number of Wichitans have a lawn. Steven Warner knew that weight and is building an app that makes lawn care much easier. It has been talked about on KWCH and at 1 Million Cups.

While the local brewery options of Peerless Princess of the Plains have grown, the first distillery location is opening this weekend in the form of Distillery 244 in Old Town.

See where Wichita shakes out on the crowdfunding front as compared to other cities with this interactive infographic from Polygraph.

I found a few things that look like a constructive use of your weekend.