Haute Handmade's "Mid Summer Soiree" Summer Pop-Up Market

The Haute Handmade Pop-Up Market was created by two local designers, Liv Grant and Genny Werth. Liv designs hand-dyed homegoods, clothing, and accessories for liv+work and Genny designs lush knitwear, accessories, eclectic embroidered tees, home accents and repurposed goods for Swiss Pointe Designs. After their first successful Pop-Up market earlier this year, Haute Handmade returns this Sunday, July 17th with an exciting summer market.

"Mid Summer Soiree" Pop-Up Market
Hosted by Haute Handmade
When: Sunday, July 17th from 11am-3pm
Where: The Monarch, 579 W Douglas Ave

 LIV & GENNY Photo by  Jaclyn Cage of  Lovely to Meet You

Photo by Jaclyn Cage of Lovely to Meet You

The Haute Handmade Pop Up Market is a collaboration between the two of you, what sparked the market's creation? 
GENNY: When I first met Liv at a show, I was in awe of her products. After talking with her and learning about her drive and creativity, I knew I wanted to collaborate my own business, Swiss Pointe, with hers, liv+work. We started by designing a few pieces together and teaming up for shows. We quickly realized we wanted to curate a market all our own that would really showcase each artist as well as support other local businesses & venues. Soon after, Haute Handmade was born!

LIV: I love Genny's energy! We met in the summer of 2015 and both of our market schedules were crazy, so we decided to share booth spaces at the next few. One of them was during what seemed like a wind and rain tunnel which gave us lots of time to talk about the past shows we've done: what we like, and what we would like to see change. By the end of the show we decided "Let's do it!" And the planning began. We use our experience at past shows around the country, places like Atlanta, Chicago, KC, and heavily research ground breaking shows like Renegade Craft Fair to create an amazing Haute Handmade Pop Up Market every time.

You have over 20 vendors participating this Sunday, what are some things people can expect to see from them? 
We are so excited about the diversity of the artists being featured this Sunday. There is literally something for everyone. You will find an amazing array of unique art, pottery, Boho-inspired apparel & accessories, handcrafted menswear, woodworking, jewelry, children's clothing, handbags, custom made stamps, ICT swag, calligraphy, vintage finds and even vegan treats & sweets... the list goes on! We are very mindful when it comes to finalizing our line up for each event. We want to make sure every artisan lifts one another up which means we curate the events to showcase products and our local talent the best way we can. Basically: Wichita is kick ass, and we put that on blast.

Why is it so important for the Wichita community to support local artists and makers?
There so many reasons to support local makers. When you buy locally handmade products, you are not only supporting someone's dream, but you are keeping more of your hard-earned money in the community. It's an easy way to help strengthen the local economy. Even better are the relationships built and sense of community pride that is created when you shop locally. Small business owners are so very thankful for their customers and will remember your name. To me that is worth a lot. I take pride in the fact that the businesses I support know me by name.

This is the 2nd Haute Handmade Pop Up Market event, what did you learn from the first?
We received so much positive feedback from our artists and guests after our May show. It really showed us that community support in Wichita is thriving right now. Our goal at the time was to produce seasonal shows with our next Pop-Up in October, but after such a success and many requests, we banded together with The Monarch once more for the Mid-Summer Soiree. It definitely proved to us that we can accomplish what we set out do with Haue Handmade: Showcase local talent in a thoughtfully curated way while working closely with small business in the great city of ICT.

Why is The Monarch the right fit for the Haute Handmade Pop Up Market?
The Monarch is such a wonderful fit for HH. Jen Ray, the owner, is just a pleasure to work and create with! She is an avid supporter of all things local, including recognition and growth of the historic Delano District where The Monarch is located. Her venue allows us to have both indoor and outdoor booths for our artists. The layout of the patios and parking make an easily accessible shopping experience for our guests and a unique layout for the vendors. Of course, I have to mention that guests also get the opportunity to sit and enjoy The Monarch's delicious gastro-pub style cuisine and sip on local beer or a handcrafted cocktail. The Monarch really allows us to encompass all things local: Shopping, eating & drinking.

It's Summer and it's hot! Give us three ways to "beat the heat" this Saturday while at the market.
Easy: Cold beer. Artisan iced coffees & juices. Fresh, locally made ice cream. Plus, our artisans are inside and out so you can still enjoy the handmade goodness if you want to step inside and grub on some Monarch yummies!


"Mid Summer Soiree" Pop-Up Market Vendor Map