FINAL FRIDAY - "VESSELS: Filling the Hollows"

Organizers/Curators Micala Gingrich-Gaylord and Emily Brookover answered questions about their art show "VESSELS: Filling the Hollows", a tribute to Tanya Tandoc. The show will take place tonight, August 28th at The Lux (120 E 1st St North) from 6-9pm.

Please describe the concept behind "Vessels: Filling the Hollows".
EB: Micala and I were both grappling with the loss of Tanya. Like so many others, we were left with the urge to DO SOMETHING. Micala came up with idea to do a collective art show. Art is what we know, it's what we do, so why not use that do something special. We decided to not only organize a show, but to hopefully raise a little money in Tanya's name and happily hand it over to a few organizations that I know were close to her heart. The concept of the show is pretty simple: Vessel. We asked the artists to create work around this theme. How they defined that word (literally, conceptually, abstractly) was completely up to them. We were all drowning after the loss of our friend. How do you fill that void after something so horrific? That's what we're exploring.
MGG: It's an attempt to creatively respond to a loss, a place to fill a vapid difficult space with intention and hope.

How many different artists have created work for this show?
We have about 21 artists participating.

Wichita will be processing the loss of Tanya for a long, long time. Is their anything specific you hope "Vessels" adds to the community or conversation?
MGG: My hope is that this show is helpful in how we reframe tragedy. Forgiveness is hard but reframing and refocusing is better. 
EB: I don't think there's a conversation to add to other than to restate: This Sucks. I think the show recognizes our loss, individually and as a community. I feel the artists in the show are working through their grief, confusion, and loss in the best way they know how—visually. The show was meant to provide some of us an outlet as well as pay further tribute to Tanya.

Live music preformed by Jenny Wood with Hors d'oeuvre provided by Butler Culinary Arts Program. Suggested $5 donation at the door with all proceeds going to non-for-profits in Tanya's name.