Day Trippin' - Yates Center, Kansas

Day Trippin' is a series encouraging Kansas exploration beyond Wichita city limits. Photography enthusiast and Power 93.5 Radio Personality ROLL$ RO¥£€ shares his visual diary of an afternoon on the road. This entry features the town of Yates Center, Kansas, located an hour and 40 minutes east of Wichita on Highway 54.

"Every now and then when I go on my road trips around Kansas I come across something unexpected. This happened to me recently when I road through Yates Center. I had heard quite a bit about the Yates Center courthouse and town square. I've never really seen a town square like it, and in the middle was a wonderful courthouse. As I was walking around I noticed quilt patches in every business window. I must have been giving a look of wonder at them because a couple came out of there business and asked what I thought of them. I found out it was for the Yates Center Days and that there were over 100 different quilt squares all over the city in all different sizes. It's impressive to see all the different patterns and how they relate to Kansas and to the businesses that they are posted in. Although the squares were awesome, it wasn't the best thing I saw there. That would have to be the Wildcat mascot fountain in front of the courthouse!" @RoyceOnTheRadio

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