Day Trippin' - Lost Springs, Kansas

Day Trippin' is a series encouraging Kansas exploration beyond Wichita city limits. Photography enthusiast and Power 93.5 Radio Personality ROLL$ RO¥£€ shares his visual diary of an afternoon on the road. This entry features the nearly abandoned town of Lost Springs, Kansas, located 75 minutes north-east of Wichita on Highway 77.

"As I was leaving Council Grove, Kansas I excited to develop the film I had taken to see how the pictures for my next Road Trippin’ segment came out. That was until coming down Highway 77 just south of Herrington when I past Lost Springs, Kansas. What made me stop was seeing a sign that said "Sante-Fe Trail Crosses Here". It really puzzled me because "here" was in the middle of nowhere! I got out, took some pictures and then noticed some pretty old farm equipment surrounded by wild grass—it had not been used in quite a long time. Half a mile up was another "Santa-Fe Trail Crosses Here" sign and also a Lost Springs city limit sign.
About 3 blocks wide and two blocks long, Lost Springs Kansas is a hoarder’s paradise. Half of the town is empty buildings that are in shambles with vehicles, furniture and trash around it. The other half of the town is filled with buildings that have been kept up, but also have old farm equipment, tractors and cars around them. There were 6-8 houses that were occupied, 2 of which had for sale signs in front of them. To my surprise as I was walking down the first of the two blocks of town I saw a Santa-Fe Trail monument. If you're ever are driving down Highway 77 and see Lost Springs, Kansas it is definitely worth your while to stop and see the town!"  

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