FINAL FRIDAY - "The Art of Spontaneity"


As set up began Thursday evening, we caught up with Eric Wittman (@rico_w) of @AIAWichita to ask questions about tonight's Final Friday event. AIA's Pop-Up Gallery "The Art of Spontaneity" will be on display Friday, June 26th from 5-11pm at 401 E. Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67202.

What is "The Art of Spontaneity" and who is taking part in this creation?
"The Art of Spontaneity" is an art show celebrating napkin sketches; the doodles, notes and diagrams you write down the moment you have a thought on whatever you have in front of you. In today’s world there seems to be a lost craft of visually representing your ideas by hand; this show is meant to revive that craft. We’ve asked members of the community to help us show off a variety of napkin sketches. We’ve gathered napkins from architects, artists, designers, kids, comedians, beer brewers, baristas, tattoo artists, mathematicians and many others, each with their own unique style of sketching. We will also have napkins and pens available the night of the show so if anyone gets inspired to spontaneously sketch, they can help the gallery grow.

How did you land on a shipping container as the venue for this pop-up art gallery?
To complement the idea of the napkins being spontaneous and impermanent we wanted the gallery space to convey that idea as well. Something that would appear out of nowhere, then be gone the next day. We decided to use a shipping container to create a one night only "Pop-Up" gallery. We contacted Site Box Storage, a local company that provides mobile offices and storage for construction sites, to see if we could use their service for the gallery. Upon hearing our idea they graciously donated a small shipping container for us to use.

Tell us more about AIA and it's objective putting this show together?
The AIA, American Institute of Architects, is a professional organization for licensed architects, meant to promote excellence in architecture and design within our communities. A goal this year for our local chapter was to get more involved in the Wichita community. Architects, like many designers, are constantly thinking and sketching out ideas. Scribbles on scratch paper which don’t mean much, but still part of the necessary process to reach a final design. We thought it would be a great to showcase these spontaneous sketches, along with others people in the community, to help show how important sketching still is.

Once the show is over, what will the fate of these napkins be? BBQ after-party?
As sad as it seems the napkins in this show were meant to be impermanent. However, more important than the napkins themselves, are the ideas they hold.  Our hope is these napkins, these tiny worthless pieces of scrap paper, inspire larger projects. We’d love if these sketches led to a larger, more refined piece of art, a comic bit, a better beer, a sustainable building, a backyard patio, a unique tattoo, a better airplane, a new tech company, or simply inspire a child to create more.  If that happens, then the show, and napkins, will have been a success.