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Chances are Jedd Beaudoin has already infiltrated your musical suggestion spectrum. As the award-winning host and producer of  KMUW's "Strange Currency" (Monday-Saturday, 8-10pm), he's been publicly opening his personal music vault for years. As a true album aficionado, Jedd has selected five records to keep your music spinning this summer.

Divorce Corpse - Upcoming, Untitled EP
Fantastic to hear Kody Ramsey playing drums again and to have Matthew Wiseman in the same band as him again. Wait until you hear “Cult Logic” and "Anti-Social Anxiety Medication".

The Candy Lords - Self-Titled EP
Cool band with twin guitars from Paul Huffman and Zach Shoffner, plus an excellent rhythm section to boot. "Dopeless In Deluth" and "Rocky Mountain Angel" are the key tracks here.

Edgar Winter’s White Trash - Self Titled
A 1971 album that could have just as easily been recorded last week—the predecessor to Winter’s big smash "They Only Come Out At Night".

FFS - Self-Titled
Put together Franz Ferdinand with the legendary Sparks (look ‘em up) team for the best thing to date from the former and another in a long line of excellent releases from the other.

Demon Eye - Tempora Infernalia
Some people will want to call this "Stoner Rock" but it runs deeper than that. These guys are from North Carolina but they could be from a dark, dank basement anywhere.