The Tallgrass Film Festival wouldn't be a proper festival without giving away some awards. That's where Vimeo comes inproviding the Stubbornly Independent Gala Award and 3 additional audience choice awards (narrative, documentary, and short). For day five of our coverage we spoke with Andrea Allen of Vimeo about sponsorship, pride, and proving the skeptics wrong.

ANDREA ALLEN Director of Video Production at Vimeo 2015 Tallgrass Film Festival Partner

Director of Video Production at Vimeo
 Tallgrass Film Festival Partner

Please introduce yourself.
Hi Hi! I'm Andrea Allen. I'm the Director of Video Production at Vimeo.com. I'm originally from Wichita, but now I live and work in New York CITTTTAAAAAY.

How is Vimeo involved with Tallgrass?
Vimeo is a sponsor of the festival. We give a big fat check to the winners of the Stubbornly Independent Award and the Audience Awards. It's awesome to be able to have a presence and sponsor Tallgrass, not just because I'm from here, but also because of how great Tallgrass treats it's filmmakers. Every filmmaker that comes to Tallgrass loves it, and that's just not the case with every fest.

You've been coming back to Wichita during Tallgrass for years. What is the importance of Wichita and the festival to you personally?
I actually volunteered for the first Tallgrass Film Fest. It was back when I worked at Cinemas West and was just really starting to fall in love with watching films and making movies. The fact that Wichita embraces and celebrates these films and filmmakers like it does makes me so proud. Proving the skeptics wrong about "flyover states" having no culture or reason for visiting is maybe my favorite part of the festival. That and the free drinks.

List three films you hope to catch this year.
Tangerine – shot entirely on an iPhone. So cool.
A Light Beneath Their Feet – the winner of the stubbornly independent award.
Shorts – Shorts shorts shorts. I'm a huge fan of short films so I'm excited to see any of the short film programs.

To learn more about the Tallgrass Film Festival and Vimeo visit their websites at tallgrassfilmfest.com and vimeo.com