Putting on an event like the Tallgrass Film Festival requires not only work by organizers, but help from generous members of the Wichita community. Each year dozens of sponsors donate their resources to help provide the Festival with the support it needs to run smoothly. For day three of our coverage we spoke with Jennifer Ray about her gastropub The Monarch and it's support for the Tallgrass Film Festival.

   JENNIFER RAY    Tallgrass Film Festival Sponsor Owner of  The Monarch

Tallgrass Film Festival Sponsor
Owner of The Monarch

Please introduce yourself and The Monarch.
My name is Jennifer Ray, Wichita native and owner of The Monarch. The Monarch is a sandwich and bourbon bar located on the Roundabout in Delano. Since our opening in late 2012 we have curated a collection of nearly 200 bourbons and craft whiskeys. Open 7 days a week, The Monarch is a perfect spot to grab a quick bite and enjoy a cocktail or a craft beer from one of our local breweries.

Since 2013 we've hosted the Filmmakers Brunch on the last day of Tallgrass, feeding over 200 people before they go out to enjoy the final day of films.

Why support Tallgrass as a sponsor?
I have always been a huge fan of the phase "you get what you give", and I try to keep this in mind when it comes to being involved in the community. I want to see the festival continue to grow so I continue to do what I can to help nurture it along it's way. Too many people spend their time complaining about what we don't have rather than working to make things even better than they are now. It's even more fun now that the brunch is sponsored by Gavin Peters. It's such an amazing feeling to be able to share our passion for all things Wichita. I like to tell him "the couple that sponsors together, stays together"..... I don't know if he buys it.

As a participate and audience member, what is your favorite thing about Tallgrass?
My favorite thing about Tallgrass is Down To The Wire. I've never been on a team but I love watching all of my friends work tirelessly to create amazing films. The anticipation starts mounting when the first photos are posted on Facebook and it continues to grow over the next 24 hours. It's so much fun to keep up with all the teams as they work and then be able to go see how things turned out on the big screen.

What Tallgrass films do you hope to catch this year?
I'm most excited to see Francis: The Fists of God and Jazzbo - The One Man Band. I am so lucky to be able to call both Evan and Wade friends, I am so proud of what they do and cannot wait to support them. I am really excited to cram as many movies in as possible. Due to the work it takes to do the brunch I miss a bunch but it works out well.... Gavin and I are able to look them up at home and watch them over the next few months.

To learn more about the Tallgrass Film Festival or The Monarch visit their websites at tallgrassfilmfest.com and monarchwichita.com

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